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The number of marriages ending in divorce continues to rise.  The same is true here in Washington State.  Custody of the parties' children is often one of the most complicated issues divorcing spouses face. 

Indeed, for many of our clients, the most difficult part of their divorce is how  to agree on an appropriate parenting plan, and how it will impact their children.  Unfortunately, in some respects, our Washington state custody laws only make things more complicated and difficult.

This is because most commissioners and judges still believe that the best way to help children going through a divorce is to provide stability and routine.  And, in their opinion, this means awarding primary residential custody to one of the parents and essentially only allowing the other parent to see the child four to six days in most months.

Now, if the parents can agree on a more liberal division of their child's time, our courts will almost always accept the parents' proposed plan.  If, however, a Washington state custody battle is required, it becomes a very high stakes proposition with one parent almost always coming out on the losing end and being relegated to essentially nothing more than a weekend parent.

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